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Hey there mr. fry man

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6/1/03 12:35 am

drunkenmongoose eh? affirming suspicions on how clicky and bullshit people are becoming.

and this is coming from 2 people who were supposedly our friends, and 1 fuck that i don't even really know and came out of nowhere. and a couple other nameless folk. now one of them i could expect this from, cuz he acts 5 anyways, and will do anything to be accepted. even make fun of his friends.


anyhoo. i don't think i need to waste anymore energy. except maybe taking folks offa the ol' friends list.

5/30/03 07:50 pm

rapier1 102%
annabelevil 102%
cavalorn 98%
meepzorp 96%
revsphynx 95%
evilshell 95%
prettyinpity 95%
theonebob 95%
midori42 95%
supremenothing8 94%
landwaster23 92%
thedarksiren 92%
sharpshinyclaws 91%
maschine9 89%
missmorte 88%
jenifoto 88%
hellfaerie 87%
sparklydevil 87%
off 87%
missjanette 86%
pizza_tram 86%
spinmistress 84%
girlsetsfire 84%
k3llya 84%
darkest_eve 84%
sindereiia 83%
yummy 82%
zapevaj 80%
carriemonster 80%
the_roxi 80%
the_macross 71%
theonetrinity 71%
dethany 69%
How compatible with me are YOU?

5/29/03 11:43 pm

this rules. i want one. when i get rich maybe, it's only $1,295.00

data hand systems

5/28/03 11:14 pm

wow, surreal dream....i was in a huge house that was made out of marble and stuff, and was a house, yet it was like vegas. a bunch of folks from my past and present were there, and i was ther with the bat. she started hanging with some guy, who was a friend of heather's ex Gary, and i got pissed. then she disappeared. i remember i kept buying food, and i bought 2 shirts, both got ripped, one right after another. my friend who was with me asked this black guy if he ripped my shirts. the wierd thing here was, i bought i shirt, put it on, then noticed five minutes later it was off me. then it happened again. this was in the wierd vegas-carnival part of the house. so the black guy said no he didn't, then we noticed he had a bunch of his friends with him. i had all this stuff on the food counter like a phone, camera, etc. i tried grabbing all of it and asked my friend to help me, cuz i noticed they were eying my phone and camera. i wanted my friend to help so i could have a had free in case i had to fight. cut to- upstairs in the marble like part of the house, with a bar like it would be in vegas, all lit up and stuff. i wake up next to two people having sex with their clothes on. then i get up to leave the room, and the guy starts pissing on himself and the girl. i know this cuz she says "oh my god he's pissing!". so i go to where the bar was, which is now closed and turned into a closet, grab some of my stuff, hide the rest cuz the crazy pissing guy was comin that way, and start to head downstairs. i start freakin out cuz batty is still gone and she hadn't called my phone. i noticed that the lcd display was broke also. so here i am freakin out running down marble stairs thinkin i ain't getting ahold of her again, and then i wake up, on the living room floor, safe.

5/28/03 12:54 am

spent the weekend campin with a bunch of the haunted house folk. Rex, Roger, Tawny, Jeff Glatzer, Dan & Dee, and even timmy and his new woman. we procured a small amount of fungal goodness, so i was pretty loopy by the end of the night. me and Dan shot some fireworks at each other (wouldn't be the memorial day camping extravaganza without it). all in all had a fun weekend. sorry droid for not makin it to the chew-B-Q.

just got back from workin at the lanes. helped my brother wire the ceiling for the automatic scoring. then.....(you would think work, no?)...then i figured out the rules for the mechwarrior dark age game. even started to make some scenery. tomorrow, go back to the lanes about 9am.

we're supposed to be getting the keys to the new place tomorrow from my dad. will probably start movin the bedroom. little by little we're movin. and little by little, we shall clean the apt. the place is really nice. and big. i can't wait to move....i wanna be in there NOW! we even have a completely separate room for the computers/gamestuff/etc. i think since we have the extra hub, i'll connect it in the living room for 09234098234 times the nerdy fun!

5/23/03 12:25 am

king diamond 0wn5 your soul

5/22/03 11:41 pm

so i just got back from the dust_head show. it went pretty well. altho i f'ed up on the guitar for about 3.1415926536 seconds, during Cryogen. was fun tho. the funny thing was, we were first. not a lot of people were there. then UV was on. they rule as usual. but it got progressively less crowded after that. isn't more people supposed to show up?

5/19/03 01:13 am

so got back from the_macross's birthday extravaganza. woke up at about 11. then about 1 or 2, me and the bat started playing MechAssault on his xbox. for like 5 f'n hours! that game rules tho. got home about 10 something. watched family guy. made some burgers. now about to head to sleep. gotta work at the lanes tomorrow. also gotta find a freakin job already.

wedding update:

the groomsmen-

my brother Aaron (the best man)
Edwin (from FL)
Mike Hach
Joe Gaal

5/18/03 12:52 am

ok...nevermind....i'll repost it when i'm near a more familiar computer..one that lets you post complete filenames instead of wierd crapola...

5/18/03 12:51 am

this rules....
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